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1100W DHG Air Dry Oven (Vertical), Volume: 50L, AC220V, 50HZ, Big LCD Screen, Adjustable Fan Speed


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Summary: The product is applied in industrial and mining enterprises, laboratory, R&D institution and other places for desiccation, baking dewaxing and sterilization.



·Several sets of data shows in a big LCD screen. The operation interface can be easily understood and handling.

·German-imported blower, lifetime can be lengthened twice over.

·Blower’s fast and slow speed control mode, temperature uniformity can be improved.

·Unique air duct system, no manual adjustment any more. Vapor can be released automatically.

·Overtemperature deviation protection and microcomputer PID blurred controller, quick achieve to the design temperature with steady operation.

·Microcomputer control with timing, accurate and reliable. 

·Specular stainless-steel chamber, semicircular arcs at corners for easy cleaning, and the space between the shelves can be set by the customer.

·Thickened design of wall and the door protects user’s safety even after continuous using of the oven.

·Sealing design of a new type synthetic silicon sealing stripe prevents heat loss effectively, assembly units’ service life can be lengthened on the basis of 30% energy saving.  

·Independent alarm system for temperature-limiting, automatically interrupt operation when exceeding the limit. Ensure the safety of the experiment. (optional)

·RS485 interface may link the recorder and the computer, records the changes of temperature parameter. (optional)



Intelligent program controller

Independent limit temperature controller

Embedded printer

RS485 interface and special software

Test hole 25mm/50mm