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Orioner Research Grant

Orioner Research Grant

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In the simplest terms, research grant refers to anything that supports expenses of doing a research. The expenses not limited to purchasing equipment, cost associated with publishing papers and travelling to a research conference. Candidates will be benefited through funding because it allows them to think about creating new experiment and to design new instruments. Having said that, in short run, research grant also help builds reputation as a committed scholar and it provides great opportunity to meet other experts once candidates begin working in the field.
In order to support the development of research and researchers in Malaysia, Orioner Hightech Sdn. Bhd. offers financial assistance through the “Orioner Research Grant” which is open to all Master and PhD candidates, additionally to other researchers, regardless of public or private educational institutions in Malaysia.

The main objective of the grant is to motivate and encourage high calibre Master and PhD students to publish research papers and academic journals, presenting new research findings, particularly on Malaysia’s R&D industry in science and technology. The grant also aims to support science related knowledge transfer through the involvement of students in any local or international conference, seminars and exhibitions. The knowledge and technology transfer will not only benefit the students and assist them in their study, but also profits the organization and country as a whole.

Orioner Research Grant is open to all students and researchers for the following research-related activities:

  • Conference/seminar/workshop/exhibition: Sponsor up to RM3,000
  • Research materials: Sponsor up to RM5,000 equivalent materials
  • Publication fees: Sponsor up to RM2,000

The terms and conditions for the application of Orioner Research Grant:

1) The application is open to all Mater and PhD students from any public or private universities and also researchers from any research institutions in Malaysia.

2) The application must be related to the following research field: Chemistry/Biology/Microbiology/Physics/Pure Science, etc.

3) You are required to prepare an application letter that contains your personal details, level of study/current position, place of study/work, research title, your current research progress and your supervisor name. The letter must be supported and signed by your current supervisor.

4) Please state clearly of your main intention to apply for the grant. The grant will cover for the conference/exhibition/seminar, publication or research materials purchase. The details are as follows:
If you are invited to present at any local or international conference/exhibition/seminar, you can apply for the sponsorship of the ticket flight/accommodations/conference fees/publications fees, etc.. The sponsorship will be given fully/partially according to the approved grant value and the issued invoice value from the conference organizer and.

If you are intended to publish a research paper in the related field of study in any research journal/proceedings, you can apply for the publication fee. The sponsorship will be given fully/partially according to the approved grant value and the issued invoice from the publisher.

If you are intended to start your experimental work and in need of sponsor to buy the research materials, you may list them out and get the support and approval from your supervisor. Orioner Research Grant will sponsor the materials directly which equivalent to the approved grant value.

5) You are also required to attach a complete research proposal for the purpose of this grant application.

6) If you are qualified in first screening stage, you will be required to provide more related documents (eg: conference/exhibition/seminar invitation letter, publication approval letter, flight ticket quotation, etc.).

7) A interview/visit to the applicant and the supervisor is required if the application is qualified in the first screening stage.

8) The application is opening for the whole year and the result of application will be released monthly.
Interested candidates may submit details of Activity Proposal and Sponsorship Application Letter to to apply. Only application that meets the criteria and suitable with the grant’s objective will be selected.

Orioner Research Grant Panel

Orioner Research Grant

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