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Company’s purpose and goals

Orioner Hightech Sdn. Bhd. is a high-technology company who assisting researchers and laboratories to pave their way for easier performance of their intended researches and works through a more convenient access of approaching the research materials and resources via internet. At the same time, Orioner Hightech provides a platform for the researchers to connect with other researchers who are in the same field for a better communication and exchange of ideas in a convenient way. 

Company’s product/services and target markets/customers

Orioner based on its novel development of and its android/ios apps to approach the researchers in different laboratories, universities, hospitals, colleges and institutions, wherever have research works happening. On the website, thousands of different laboratory related products are displayed and sold. Researchers could easily find whatever they need, such as chemical reagents, laboratory equipment, bio-products, electronic components, lab machineries, analysis services, research seminars, research conferences and so on.

Besides all the above mentioned products and services, Orioner are building a DNA laboratory, cell line and microbe strain reservation center and biotechnology exhibition center. Orioner planned to develop a modern DNA lab to provide the related services for Malaysian researchers and doctors. The service is offered through the website as well. The lab mainly focus on the DNA sequencing of plants and animals. It enables the development of biotechnology sector in Malaysia. Due to the shortage of local source of cell line and microbe strain reservation and also limited supply of materials to the customers, Orioner started to construct its own reservation center so that these resources can be easily obtained by the customers. The biotechnology exhibition center is the medium for Orioner to display all the latest development in biotechnology from all over the world. It will give the best chance for Malaysians to get closer to the advancement of technology. It will inspire the researchers and young generations.

Value adds to customer

There are many advantages for Orioner to perform this business; the three major advantages are instant quotation and convenient online payment, huge product inventory and fastest international delivery.

The first advantage of establishment is the researchers can obtain an official quotation from the website instantly, In addition, researchers also can make a direct purchase from our site for a faster acquisition of the item. We are using Malaysia’s online payment gateway FPX as our website’s online payment solution. All the major Malaysian bank’s cards are accepted for the purchase transaction which gives a great convenience for the researchers.

The second advantage is that Orioner have a huge product inventory. Orioner is able to connect Malaysia’s research needs with the major manufacturer and supplier all over the world. As the founder is a China nationality, China’s greatest manufacturer and supplier for lab products will be first introduced to Malaysian researchers via

The third advantage is that Orioner could provide the fastest delivery. Products of Orioner are very special and some of them (bio-product, enzyme and cell line) need to be transported in cold condition for local delivery. Thus, Orioner will build its own logistic system for those special deliveries. It will greatly reduce the researcher’s waiting time.

Technical expertise

At present, Orioner have a team for realizing the goal. The team includes CEO, CFO, CTO, COO, sales executive, HR manager and agents.

Dr. Shamsudin is the founder & CEO of Orioner Hightech Sdn Bhd. He majored in biochemistry, bioprocess engineering, biology and biochemistry. 

Dr. Alaeldeen is a Phd holder in management. He’s full of knowledge of management and finance. He received his doctoral degree from University Malaysia Pahang and he’s study gave him a very chance to look into the Malaysian market which is very useful for instructing Orioner’s policy. Orioner intended to recruit Dr. Alaeldeen as the CFO to manage the financial and marketing affairs of Orioner.

Li Yanhu (Ali), an IT expert worked in China Academy of Science which is the highest research institute for science and technology. And he has worked in the field of computing technology and information engineering for 9 years.  His works were big data development, artificial intelligence and cloud system development. His expertise made stable in operation and smooth in use.

Nur Aimi Syairah, COO of Orioner, obtained her bachelor degree in Industrial Chemical Technology from Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia and master degree in Chemical Engineering from Universiti Malaysia Pahang, majoring in separation, chemical analysis and biochemical. She is an expert knowing chemical products and biology products. The knowledge of those products makes her able to instruct the colleagues to work and knowing what the exact thing is that customer wants.  Her knowledge in these areas is essential for the business.

Besides all the above mentioned persons, the Orioner’s team also included many others such as sales executive, HR manager, the agents and freelance workers.

Conclusion and prospective

In conclusion, Orioner’s determination of improving Malaysia’s research sector, helping Malaysian researchers is unmovable. Orioner will use all the existed advantages to build up a complete ecosystem to assist all the researchers and people in needs. Our aim is to be the largest and best research product and service provider in Southeast Asia in next ten years.   Orioner is all of science and technology.