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Novel Coronavirus detection- Bundle equipments producced by DLAB

01/03/2020 HE YUHAI

DLAB is a laboratory equipment manufacturer that produces various equipment for biology and chemistry laboratory. In order to address the covid-19 outbreak all over the world, DLAB is introducing its bundle equipments for the coronavirus detection. A complete set of equipment which starts from the extraction of the nucleic acid until the RT-PCR analysis, giving full assistance to the researcher and the related parties of eased precess.

The outbreak of pneumonia from Wuhan was caused by a new type of coronavirus (covid-19). Coronavirus is a single-stranded RNA virus that is transmitted within animals. Chinese scholars determined and shared their nucleic acid sequence information for the first time, providing a basis for molecular detection and making it possible to quickly identify pathogens. The WHO published on January 17th the Interim Guidance for Laboratory Testing for Coronavirus (Covid-19) in suspected human cases, recommending testing protocols in which  RT-PCR and sequencing are the most common methods even though different countries are targeting different gene and proteins.


Summary table of available protocols (source WHO)

Country Institute Gene targets
China China CDC ORF1ab and N
Germany Charité RdRP, E, N
Hong Kong HKU ORF1b-nsp14, N
Japan National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Department of Virology III Pancorona and multiple targets, Spike protein
Thailand National Institute of Health N
US US CDC Three targets in N gene


DLAB can provide the complete equipments for supporting the solution required by the protocols, below we introduce the equipments that produced by DLAB and used in different aspects regarding Covid-19 detection.


(Click on the link below to get more information on each instrument)

1. Laboratory BIO-SAFETY

The bio-safety of the testing lab is a very necessary part of the epidemic control. 

a. 'SAFEVAC' Vacuum aspiration system

'SAFEVAC' Vacuum aspiration system which collects the waste sample with high efficiency by its Centralized harmless treatment of samples, ensuring the bio-safety of the lab.



2. RNA Extraction & Purification

a. dPette Electronic Pipette

It is used in Swab wetting, cell disruption, tissue homogenate and so on.

The motor drived dpette electronic pipette is for accurate transfer and effective mixing to get more even result.



b. HCM100-Pro Thermo Mixer

Temp : -15 ° C to 100 ° C with Strong Mixing function. 

It is used as cooling bath disruption



c. D1524R High speed Cooling centrifuge

RCF to 21000g for a better disruption, ensuring the ample at 4°C.

200-15000rpm Centrifuge at 4 °C 



d. MX-S Vortex Mixer

Strong vortex mixing to ensure better extraction;



3.  Reverse Transcription

a. MicroPette Plus 12-Channel Pipette

High-throughput to improve efficiency; Fully autoclavable to avoid contamination



b. MX-S Vortex mixer

Vortex Mixing



c. D1008 Palm Centrifuge

Spin down to eliminate bubbles Large capacity to put 4*8 PCR tube.

Spin down and defoaming



d. HCM100-Pro Thermo Mixer

Programmable for segments setting Mixing function available;

25374285904 °C incubation



4. Serological antigen and antibody detection

a. MX-T6-Pro/S Tube Roller

Blood tube gentle rolling to avoid coagulation



b. DM0424/0408 Clinical centrifuge

Blood /Urine/Feacal sample



c. HB105-S1/S2 Dry bath incubator

Antibody/Antigen incubation



5. PCRFor Research purpose

a. TC1000-G/S PRC

Conventional and Gradient CR



b. GelSMART Transilluminator

Easy to use



6. QPCRFor Research purpose

a. Accurate 96 REAL TIME PCR

4/6 channel high speed fluorescence scanning detection;

no cross-talk;

Accurate temp control;

Fast ramping rate;

Accurate detection result



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