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Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer, Power: AC 220V / 50Hz, Power: 1000W, Working Methods: Automatic, Weight: 25kg


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1. ZDDN-II Kjeldahl nitrogen analyser, using a microcomputer for process control, including manual mode and automatic mode, can be set and switched automatically according to your needs: In automatic mode: one-time addition of alkali, boronic acid, distillation, ammonia The entire process of gas absorption, plus the volume of boric acid and alkali plus distillation and absorption process can be set up. Under the manual mode: The three processes of adding boron, adding alkali and distilling and absorbing can be separately operated manually, and the volume and time can be controlled by itself to meet the needs of professional users. 
2. Large-screen dot-matrix liquid crystal display, full Chinese menu, touch buttons, simple and convenient operation. 
3. Automatic distillation control, automatic water, automatic water level control, automatic water stop. 
4. Various safety protection: digestive tube safety gate device, steam generator water shortage alarm, water level detection failure alarm. 
5. The number of operational programs can be stored: 250. 
6. The instrument shell is made of special spray-coated steel plate, and the work area adopts ABS anti-corrosion plate to prevent chemical corrosion and mechanical damage to the surface, and is resistant to acid and alkali. 
7. Water level detection, low water level alarm, automatic power off. Instrument control system failure can automatically power off. 
8. The standard does not include digester, digester is optional

 Automatic Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer technical parameters:

Determination of varieties: food, food, dairy products, beverages, feed, soil, water, medicines, sediments and chemicals, etc.; 
Working methods: automatic (without titration) 
Water inlet method: tap water, distilled water two ways of water, use Wide regional sample volume: solids 0.20g to 2.00g; semi-fixed 2.00g to 5.00g liquid 10.00ml to 
Measurement range: 0.1mg N to 200mgN (mg nitrogen) 
Recovery: ≥99% (relative error, including digestion ); 
Distillation rate: 5 to 15 min / sample (determined by the amount according to the sample) 
Cooling water consumption: 3L / min 
repetition rate: relative standard deviation <± 1% 
Power: AC 220V / 50Hz 
Power: 1000W 
Water: pressure is greater than 1.5 MPa; temperature of less than 20 degrees 
Dimensions: 430 * 360 * 760mm 
Weight: 25kg

Automatic Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer can be equipped with different number of holes in the digester (the standard does not include digester) 
digital digestion oven has 4 holes, 8 holes, 12 holes, 20 holes optional. It takes about 60-90 minutes to digest a batch of samples (depending on the amount of nitrogen). 

Harmful gases such as SO2, which have escaped from digestion, are discharged from the water into the sewer through the collection pipe through the suction three-way.