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SKD-18S2 Infrared Quartz Digestion Furnace, Power 1.6KW, Voltage AC220V , Shanghai Peiou


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Infrared quartz digestion furnac is widely used for nitrification in the fields of agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, geology, chemical industry, food industry etc.and by the institutions of higher learning and scientific research departments of plants, seeds, fodder, foodstuff,soil and minerals. It integrates Kjeldahl Analyzer and distillation instruments of other manufacturers.



-Infrared heating and quartz tube radiating is employed, which strengthen the ability of acid/alkali resistance, defend crack and increase the operating life, conforming to the CE standard.

-Temperature and velocity are programmed andadjustable; temperature rises in a high speed and residuals are exterminated.

-The heated area of the digestion tube is large and the temperature difference is small, which guarantees the digesetion consistency of the samples.

-Over current and electric leakage protection are applied.

-Double switches and respective control of the power supply and heating unit are convenient for the setting of safety parameters and energy saving.

-A temperature controller with new digital display and PID control technology ensures the high accuracy of temperature control.

-Stainless steel equipment is used for the sewwage disposal, which drains the harmful gases such as SO2 produced in the digestive process through the drainage pipe by suction pump, effectively inhibiting the escape of the harmful gases.

-8 pores intelligent infrared quartz digestion furnace, that can set 64 steps heat up  with whole drainage cover, tetrafluoroethlene sealing ring, temperature uniformity is good, have over temperature leakage protection.