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Refrigeration Capacity Recyclable Coolers DL Series, Colling Capacity 3000W@15°C, Suit for 20L Rotary Evaporator, DL10-3000

  • Brand:Greatwall
  • Model:MO00670014
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The Introduction:

It is suitable for measuring chemical,biological and physical experiment in low temperature,it it is used for grouping instrument of pharmaceutical health ,foodstuff ,chemistry ,and university or academic institution, includingreaction vessel rapid cooling, low temperature moulds ,frozen processing fixture and low testing machine cooling. Can be used attached to Rotary Evaporator, Reaction Kettle, etc. 

The Feature:

·    New appearance design; Small and beautiful.

·    With built-in liquid-level monitor, liquid-level inside the bath can be checked visually.

·    Circulating system is equipped with pressure gauge. Pressure of circulating system can be displayed

·    Many different models optional can meet the customers’ different requirements.

·    Panels on the both sides can be removed easily, and convenient to maintain and clean 



·    With low noise and high reliability, international famous fully enclosed compressor ensures long-term work.

·    Circulating pump adopts domestic high-performance circulating pump and foreign imported high pressure vane pump. Pressure of high pressure pump can be regulated. Quality is reliable.

·    The complete closed circulating system can prevent volatilization and pollution of coolant efficiently, and can save resources.

·    Circulating system is equipped with Filter which can clean coolant and prevent blocking the pipeline.

·    CFC-free environment-friendly refrigerants comply with Standard of National environment-friendly refrigerants.