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MP Diaphragm Vacuum Pump / Vacuum System, Power 180w, Speed 1400rpm, Maximum vacuum Degree 0.098MPa, MP-201, Greatwall

  • Brand:Greatwall
  • Model:MO00670007
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The Introduction:

Providing vacuum condition for the processes of evaporation, distillation, crystallization, drying, sublimation, filtration and decompression and degassing. And solvent recollection, extracting for various materials with severe toxicity, flammability and probability of explosion, strong acid and alkali. Besides applicable occasion of circulating water vacuum pump and spiral slice vacuum pump, it also can be used in fields like product analysis of medical treatment and medication and Police detective techniques.


The Characteristics:

●Replace circulating water vacuum pump and spiral slice vacuum pump.

● No need of any working medium. No friction in working parts.

●The vacuum is stable. And the degree is easy to be controlled and can be adjusted according to experiment requirements.

●All parts that exposed to gas need surface treatment with TeflonPTFE, has complete chemical resistant ability.

●Valve plate adopts imported materials.

● The special motors is made by the famous electric manufacture ODM with reasonable. transmission design and self cooling exhaustion system that can work for a long time.

● Small volume, light weight, easy to move and save space in the lab.

● Easy to repair and maintain.


The Advantages of Input Flask and Output Condenser:

● Input flask can prevent solid particles and liquid water into pump.

● Output condenser can realize second recovery of low boiling-point material to improve recovery  efficiency to avoid waste gas of solvent into the atmosphere.