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Laboratory Glass Vacuum Filtration Manifolds (Vacuum Filtration Apparatus), 1-branch Manifold, 300ml Glass/SS316L Funnel, SS316L Manifold, Orioner

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  • Model:JTFA0216/JTFA0217
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Laboratory Glass Vacuum Filtration Manifolds

Multi-branch Manifolds filter is a solvent filtration equipment for laboratory use. Comparing with the glass sand filtration apparatus, It is more convenient, efficient for the operator who needs to filtrate several samples at the same time. 

Due to that each filter holder have individual control valve, only one set of vacuum pump needed to sustain the single or multi-branch manifold filter operate together. 


The material used are sanitary stainless steels of acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. It can tolerate the high temperature of 180℃ and it is able to sterilize in high temperature. 


Under the strict quality control together with advanced production equipment, high-quality raw materials, perfect production technology and technical support guarantees the excellent products, making our Laboratory Glass Vacuum Filtration Manifolds the top choice for your laboratory use.


Product Features

1. The filtering process supporting with pollution-free diaphram vacuum pump as an integrated solution, the complete set of filter system can work in the laboratory, clean room, ultra clean bench and so many other locations.

2.High temperature and corrosion resistance, easy to sterilize in high temperature.

3.It is provided with reliability, superior performance, good appearance, environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving, etc.



1.Glass funnel (300ml) or stainless steel funnel(300ml) SS316L

2.Borosilicate glass filter head or stainless steel filter head SS316L

3.Stainless steel holder ( SS316L)

4.PTFE valve

5.Clamp of aluminum alloy




1-branch manifold



Widely used in chemical industry, biochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, sanitation test, environment test, water quality analysis, food industry, beverage industry, science research and so on. The product conforms to the United States pharmacopoeia standards, can test three or six samples at the same time, high sensitivity and simple operation. According to the needs of the operator, choose different material of membrane filter, filtering of different samples, such as suspended solids, bacteria, chlorophyll etc, suitable for solids filtration of laboratory.


Catalogue Number


Funnel Valve

Support Screen & Pore Size





300ml Glass

PTFE, 20μm

Ground Joint





SS316L, 100μm

Integral SS316L






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