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KDN-20S Curve Warming Digestion Furnace, Digester Hole Temperature Is Continuously Adjustable


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1. Aluminum alloy heating module using aluminum alloy casting, processing, temperature distribution, long life; 
2. Graphite heating module, uniform temperature distribution, high temperature resistance (temperature up to 650 °C),  temperature buffer and other small features
3. With a 1-60 program temperature, single-point temperature increase function; 
4. Digester hole temperature is continuously adjustable, the temperature difference between the holes is small, the       sample digestion consistency, high thermal efficiency, is conducive to the digestion of the sample; 
5. Can Set up to 10 kinds of commonly used formula settings, one key is optional, improve work efficiency; 
6. Equipped with digestive tube cooling stent, to solve the placement of high temperature cooling.,