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Heating Function Hybridization Oven, Rotation Speed: 5-20r/min (Adjustable), 220VAC,50HZ, 22kg, Scientz Biotechnology

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Hybridization oven is an ideal laboratory for hybrid technology in modern laboratories, which replaces plastic hybrid bags and water bath shakers and avoids the risk of contamination of hybrid bags. The machine uses microchip control and hot air convection technology, providing accurate temperature control and constant temperature environment. Furnace air circulation device design unique, heating speed, uniform. Which makes it an ideal hybridization system for Northern and Southern hybrid experiments. It also has a shaking base at the bottom, and is also suitable for incubation experiments such as placing hybrid bags and other stringent requirements.




1 Microcomputer controller to provide precise temperature control.

2 Heating speed quickly

3 Tube rotation

4 Hybrid tube easy loading and unloading

5 The internal use of anti-corrosion, mirror stainless steel manufacturing

6 Double glass door design, effectively prevent radiation

7 The bottom can be used to shake the base, a multi-purpose machine

8 Less chance than contaminated water bath pollution

9 High sealing function


Main Technical Specification:




Temperature range

Ambient Temp+5℃—100℃

Temperature Accuracy


Temperature error


Display resolution


Temperature equilibrium time


Rotation speed


Continuous working time

24 hour

Hybrid tube specification






Net weight