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PT-DRW320 Microplate Washer, Adjustable Washing Time, Store More Than 50 User-defined Plate

  • Brand:Potenov
  • Model:MO00340007
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1. The big screen Chinese liquid crystal display, menu operation

2. You can select the whole board cleaning or individual stripcleaning mode

3. 8, 10, 12 kinds of cleaning channel choice

4. Support two imbibition, each hole cleaning liquid residue ≤ 1ul

5. With a microplate bottom flushing function, ensure the plate washing thoroughly

6. With a concussion and soaking function, reduce the interference of the adsorption reaction process

7. Can fine-tune the cleaning liquid pressure, suitable for all kinds of special cleaning requirements

8. Adjustable washing time and pipeline flushing function, effectively avoid pipeline blockage

9. Suitable for flat, U type, V type bottom bottom of bottom plate

10. Can store more than 50 user-defined plate washing procedure

11. Widely used in hospitals and the relevant departments of themicroplate assay in microtiter plates, fostering the cleaning work of trace analysis plate washing and chemical, biochemical aspects