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Double Vertical Electrophoresis Instrument (medium), Buffer Volume: 1,200ml, Comb Thickness: 1.0 and 1.5 (mm), 2.0 KG

  • Brand:Liuyi
  • Model:MO00030015
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For SDS-PAGE, Native PAGE electrophoresis and two-dimensional gel electrophoresis

• Different combs and spacers are available;

• Transparent tank for visibility without obstructions;

• Casting and running the gel at the same place (in the casting stand);

• Gel casting device makes gel casting simply and save your precious time;

• Special wedge frame design can fix gel room firmly;

• Molded buffer tank equipted the electrodes with pure platinum ;

• Run one gel or run two gels at the same time;

• Save buffer solution;

• Special design of the lid avoids mistakes during the operation;

• The base of the gel casting device can store one piece of rubber cushion.

• Built-in heat exchanger can eliminate the heat produced during the running.

• Power fails when you open the lid for users’ safe;

• High resolution of simple separation.


•  Gel dimension ( L X W): 130 × 100 (mm);

•    Runs up to 12 or 16 samples;

•    Comb thickness: 1.0 and 1.5 (mm); 

•  Buffer volume: about 1,200ml;

•    Size (L X W X H):210×120×220(mm);

•   Weight: about 2.0 KG