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Dry Bath Incubator IB-20HL, AC100~240V, 50/60Hz, 120W, Heating Speed: (37°C-100°C)≥6°C/min, Allsheng

  • Brand:Allsheng
  • Model:MO00040028
  • Availability:In Stock

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1. Quick and easy-to-exchange Blocks
2. Special-designed blocks improves temperature homogeneity
3. Heating lid function available for turn on / off
4. Individual sensor-controlled blocks allow for block-specific calibration
5. Wifi-function is available with the APP software
6. IB-20HL hold a software with a strong functions (Thermal cycler’s software function)
-- Set and display temperature, time and lid temperature
-- Set 9 programs and 99 cycles
-- Link programs function


 Model  IB-20HL
 Temperature control range  -5°C~105°C (If Ambient Temperature≤20°C)
 0°C~105°C (If Ambient Temperature≤25°C)
 4°C~105°C (If Ambient Temperature≤30°C)
 Lid's temperature range  RT.+5°C~110°C
 Timer range  0~99h59min/0~99min59sec
 Temp. accuracy for blocks  ±0.5°C
 Temp. accuracy for lid  ±1°C
 Uniformity within the block  ±0.5°C
 Display accuracy  0.1°C
 Heating time  Heating speed: (37°C-100°C)≥6°C/min
 Cooling time  Cooling speed: (100°C-37°C)≥6°C/min
 Dimensions (W x D x H)mm  313×168×196mm
 Weight  3.0kg



 Code  Block  Description
MO00040028-1  IB20-A  96×0.2ml PCR tubes
 MO00040028-2  IB20-B  54×0.5ml tubes
 MO00040028-3  IB20-C  35×1.5ml tubes
 MO00040028-4  IB20-D  35×2.0ml tubes
 MO00040028-5  IB20-E  15×0.5ml+20×1.5ml tubes
 MO00040028-6  T4  Block extraction tool