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Carbon Dioxide Incubator - Professional (Carbon Dioxide Incubator Series BPN-150CRH(UV)), 750W, 155 L, Carrier Bracket (Standard), 3 blocks, Bluepard

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A new generation of carbon dioxide incubator, which has accumulated over ten years of design and manufacturing experience, has always been guided by the needs of customers, continuously researching new technologies and applying them to products to represent the development trend of carbon dioxide incubators. With a number of design patents, imported infrared CO 2 sensor, accurate and stable control accuracy, not affected by temperature and humidity and other characteristics.


The CO2 incubator provides you with:


Faster CO 2 recovery rate

● The infrared sensor is the best choice for frequent opening of the door during the experiment.

● Imported infrared (IR) sensor has the ability to monitor carbon dioxide gas speed and is not affected by fluctuations in outside temperature and humidity

Features such as closing the door after 30 seconds after opening the door, it can be restored to 37°C in less than 10 minutes, restored to 5% setting CO 2 concentration in less than 5 minutes, even in the case of frequent use of many people, requiring frequent opening and closing of the door Can still maintain the stability and uniformity of the CO 2concentration in the tank And a thermal conduction sensor, is sensitive to heat and humidity, and the response time is long, the detection error is large, such as long-term use, it needs to be calibrated and other defects.


UV sterilization system

● The ultraviolet germicidal lamp is located in the back wall of the box and can disinfect the inside of the box regularly. It can effectively kill the circulating air in the box and the steam float bacteria on the humidifying plate, thereby effectively preventing contamination during cell culture.


Microbial HEPA filter

● The CO air inlet is equipped with a high-efficiency microbial filter, and the filtration efficiency is high for particles with a diameter greater than or equal to 0.3 μm.

99.99%, effective filtration of bacteria and dust particles in CO 2 gas.


Door temperature heating system

● The CO 2 incubator door can heat the inner glass door, which can effectively prevent the glass door from condensing and prevent the glass from being condensed.

The possibility of microbiological contamination due to condensation in the glass door.


Circulation fan speed automatic control

● The circulation fan speed can be automatically controlled. When the temperature inside the box is constant, the speed will decrease, and the recirculating wind speed will be adjusted to the wind speed suitable for cell growth, avoiding volatilization of the sample due to excessive air flow during the test.



HEPA high efficiency filter (optional):

● It can effectively filter out bacteria and dust particles in the outside air, eliminate and prevent cross contamination between the outside air and the incubator chamber.

Dye the sterility of the incubator.

● After the door is closed for 5 minutes, the air quality in the cabinet can be restored to a level of 100 cleanliness.

● HEPA filter is easy to disassemble and install without tools.


Humanized design

● Stackable (second floor) for easy use of laboratory space. Large LCD screen above the outer door can displaytemperature, CO 2 concentration, relative humidity, and menu-type operation interface. It is easy to understand and easy to observe. and use.


Security function

● Independent temperature limit alarm system and operator capable of audible and visual alarm to ensure safe operation of the experiment without accidents.

● With low temperature, high temperature and over-temperature alarm, CO 2 concentration is too high or too low alarm.

● It has safety facilities such as long opening time alarm and UV sterilization working status reminding.


Microcomputer controller

Large-screen LCD display, using microcomputer PID control and can simultaneously display temperature, CO2 concentration, relative humidity and operation, fault prompts, menu-type operation is easy to understand for easy observation and use.


Data record and fault diagnosis display  (optional)

All data can be downloaded to the computer via the RS485 port. When a fault occurs, data can be retrieved from the computer and diagnosed.


Wireless alarm system (SMS alarm system) (optional)

If the device user is not in the scene, when the device fails, the system collects the fault signal in time and sends the message to the mobile phone of the designated recipient through the short message. This ensures that the fault is promptly corrected and the test is resumed to avoid accidental loss.









input power




heating method

Air-jacketed microcomputer PID control

Temperature control range

RT+5 to 50 °C

Working temperature

+5 to 30 °C

Temperature fluctuation

± 0 1 °C

CO2 control range

0 to 20%

CO2 control accuracy

± 0.1% ( infrared sensor )

CO2 recovery time

( Return to 5% in 30 seconds after opening the door )  3 minutes

Temperature recovery

( Return to 37 °C in 30 seconds after opening the door )  8 minutes

Relative humidity

Natural evaporation 90% (digital display with relative humidity available)





Liner size (mm) W × D× H

400 × 450 × 500

480 × 530 × 610

600 × 630 × 670

Dimensions (mm) W × D× H

590 × 687 × 790

670 × 767 × 880

788 × 837 × 940

Carrier bracket (standard)

2 blocks

3 blocks

UV lamp sterilization