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1800W None Touch Small Volume Ultrasonic Homogenizer Equipment Cell Disruptor, Accompany With(1-2ml)*16, Pipe Rack Clamping Device, Scientz Biotechnology

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  Non-touch  ultrasonic cell disruptor , also called cup type broken, is used for aseptic crushing, and the centrifuge can interrupt the chromosomes and break cells. Designed for the second generation sequencing DNA samples with chromatin immune coprecipitation tailored to each sample pretreatment, compared to conventional probe contact type ultrasonic cell crusher, non-contact samples can be broken in the sealed container, do not produce infectious fly fog, do not contact, ultrasonic probe and the sample to avoid cross contamination. Non-contact ultrasonic machines can obtain the quality, efficiency and safety of traditional ultrasonic mode.


   At one time, multiple samples can be detected at the same time. Without wear and tear, all samples are in a separate closed test tube to avoid cross contamination. Optional cooling water circulation system, is advantageous for the sample in 4 ℃ water bath, ultrasonic energy distribution uniformity, ultrasonic role fully; The ultrasonic parameters are flexible, the experimental procedure is standardized, the experiment is repeatable and the results are high.Gradually become a standard tool for the ChIP (chromatin immune coprecipitation) and the DNA shear research platform. High efficiency, reliable and repeatable results, the lowest possible treatment of 5ul samples is suitable for valuable samples.



1. The presence of aerosol aerosols - enhancing biosafety 

(such as mycobacterium, virus, etc.)

2. It eliminates the risk of cross-contamination of samples

3. The removal of the traditional probe wears away the slag

4. We can handle many kinds of samples, and the sample is widely used

5. The rules apply to various standard containers

6. It can be used to handle trace samples, minimum to 5ul

7. The automatic rotation of a continuous rotating centrifugal tube causes the ultrasonic  

    energy distribution to be more uniform

10. It can be selected with high temperature and low temperature water bath trough, custom-designed Eppendorf tube crushing and rotating base of various diameters according to customer's requirement



1. DNA fragmentation

2. This RNA fragmentation

3. Bacteria and cells break up

4. To ChIp assay (chromatin immune coprecipitation)

5. The high flux sequencing instrument is processed before sample

6. Take a membrane protein

7. All of these are the homogenized, emulsified reactions 


Main Technical Parameters:










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