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Center-EDI Series Ultrapure Water System (Tap Water Inlet), Resistivity(25°C) 18.2MΩ.cm, TOC: <10ppb, No Endotoxin, No RNases, No DNases, HHitech

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Center-EDI Ultrapure Water System (Tap Water Inlet)

Featues and Advantages:

 7.0 inch colorful high-resolution touch screen (16:9) controlling system, achieve finger-touch new experience.

 3 way online water quality sensor, detect the quality of 1st stage, 2nd stage RO water, deionized water, Edi water or ultrapure water respectively. And warn once water quality’s standard exceeding.

 2 way flow sensor, achieve quantified dispensing of 2nd stage RO water, deionized water, Edi water or ultrapure water.

 Integrate with EDI module (EDI series), without softener, chemical regeneration and replacing any DI cartridge, Its pure water’s resistivity will be above 10MΩ.cm(25℃), and TOC is lower than 30ppb.

 Double stage reverse osmosis technology, assure 2nd RO water quality’s stability from different source water.

 System sanitizing procedure, achieve the disinfection of ultrapure water’s tube and valve.

 System circulation function, achieve ultrapure water’s circulation to keep top quality of ultrapure water.

 All Cartridges replacing alarm function, based on time, or water quality, show cartridges’ used and residual life.

 Multiple alarm function: no feed water, full water, water quality’s standard exceeding, and cartridge life ending.

 Auto self-flushing of RO membrane function (interval and continuous time setting), extend RO membrane’s life.

 Auto running data storing function with built-in SD card, and data can be exported through the USB interface.

 Comprehensive Information query and management function, master system status, water quality, cartridges usage and alarm information.

 System time setting (year/month/day/hour/minute), timing standby (0-60 minute), and timing shutdown (0-24 hour) function.

 Level II password, protect all the parameters setting, and prohibit any unauthorized setting change.

 Built-in 20 liters PE tank and 20 liters airtight plastic pressure water tank. Also external tanks is optional.

 Whole plastic shell with high-strength, avoid rusting and keep clean, to meet GLP standard.

 3 door and easy-to-replacing cartridge design, convenient to maintain system and replace cartridges.

 Detachable water collector design, store water-drop to avoid water’s splashing, and convenient for cleaning.

 Tube and adapter with NSF authorization and top quality, reduce TOC level and assure ultrapure water’s quality.

 Optimized pretreatment (including PP fiber, KDF and active carbon cartridge), effectively protect RO membrane.

 RO module with DOW’s membrane, ensure long life, stable operation and high desalinization rate.

 Ultrapure cartridge with DOW’s top polishing resin, ensure ultrapure water’s quality up to 18.2 MΩ.cm, with the lowest TOC level.

 Double wavelength (185&254nm) ultraviolet lamp module, restrain bacteria’s increase and reduce TOC.

 MWCO 5000D ultrafiltration module, effectively eliminate endotoxin, and suitable for precise cell cultivating and IVF.

 0.2µm high flux PES terminal disinfection filter, assure that terminal pure water is absolutely axenic.


With 7.0 inch touch screen system, 3 way water quality sensor, 2 way flow sensor for quantified dispensing, 2 stage RO system and EDI module, Center-EDI series ultrapure water system is top choice of ultrapure water for high grade experiments.


With tap water inlet, its output ranges from 45 to 90 liters/hour. It can produce deionized water and ultrapure water. The deionized water’s resistivity is above 10 MΩ.cm, and the ultrapure water’s resistivity absolutely reaches to 18.2MΩ.cm. It completely meets the highest grade I standard of ASTM, CAP, CLSI, EP and USP.


Model Standard Eliminating endotoxin Low TOC Synthesizing
Center-EDI 45/60/90 Center-EDI 45/60/90F Center-EDI 45/60/90V Center-EDI45/60/90FV
Output -EDI water* 45series-45 liters/hour, 60 series-60 liters/hour, 90 series-90 liters/hour
Output -ultrapure water Up to 2 liters/minute (when tank is full)
Ultrapure water quality  
Resistivity(25°C) 18.2MΩ.cm
TOC* <10ppb <10ppb <3ppb <3ppb
Bacteria <0.01cfu/ml
Particle(>0.2&Micro;m) <1/ml
Endotoxin N/A <0.001Eu/ml N/A <0.001Eu/ml


N/A <1pg/ml N/A <1pg/ml


N/A <5pg/ml N/A <5pg/ml

EDI water quality

Resistivity >10MΩ.cm
TOC* <30ppb
Silicone rejection rate >99.9%
RO water quality  
Conductivity - 1st stage RO water Feed water conductivity×5%*
Conductivity - 2nd stage RO water 1-5&Micro;s/cm*
Feed water requirements Tap water, temperature:5-45°C,pressure:1.0-4.0Kgf/cm2
Dimension and weight Length × Width × Height: 610×585×1580mm / Weight: about 75Kg
Electrical requirements AC110-240V, 50/60Hz
Power 480W
Standard configuration Main body (Including 1 set of cartridge)+built-in 20 liters PE tank and 20 liters pressure tank
*The value will be influenced by temperature and feed water’s quality.