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Models' Chart of DLAB Centrifuge (Low Speed, High Speed, Refrigerated, Palm Sized, Medical)

20/01/2022 Yuhai

DLAB is an industry leader in centrifugation and offers a full line of high-quality, reliable and easy-to-use centrifuge to meet your needs. A centrifuge is a device that uses centrifugal force to separate various components of a fluid. This is achieved by spinning the fluid at high speed within a container, thereby separating fluids of different densities (e.g. cream from milk) or liquids from solids. It works by causing denser substances and particles to move outward in the radial direction. At the same time, objects that are less dense are displaced and move to the centre. In a laboratory centrifuge that uses sample tubes, the radial acceleration causes denser particles to settle to the bottom of the tube, while low-density substances rise to the top. A centrifuge can be a very effective filter that separates contaminants from the main body of fluid.