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RTP(Rapid Thermal Processing Furnace) NBD-HR1200-110IT, NBD Material Science and Technology


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RTP Tube Furnace Introduction


RTP(Rapid Thermal Processing Furnace),patent product, rising speed rate up to 500℃/S. And at the end of the sintering process, the sample is taken out at high temperature directly, to achieve the fastest cooling in the physical state.

The chamber adopts a unique intake structure, The inner tube is gas inlet, the outer tube is gas outlet.This kind structure make reaction atmosphere expposed in the processing sample fully and constantly.

It is perfect helper for growing large-size two-dimensional graphene by CVD method.

Temperature measurement devices contact with the sample directly. it ensure the accuracy of the sample temperature.

RTP tube furnace for CVD application

  • RTA;
  • Graphene and other vapor deposition, epitaxial growth of carbon nanotubes, etc.
  • RTO; RTN;
  • Silicidation;
  • Diffusion
  • Implant Annealing
  • Contact Alloying
  • Crystallization and Densification

RTP tube furnace for CVD Main Features

  • Max speed of temperature rising is 500℃/S, Max speed of temperature decreasing is 100℃/S;
  • Double layer tube structure, the smaple exposes in the atmosphere much more constantly;
  • Measure the temperature of the sample surface directly, more accuracy;
  • The chamber moves from one side to another side according to users’ preset, This will meet more lab applications;
  • rich expansion interface, to meet the needs of various types of tests.

RTP tube furnace for CVD Parameters

  • Model:NBD-HR1100-110IT-170
  • Max temperature:1200℃
  • Max speed of temp rising: 500℃/s
  • Inner tube diameter: 103mm
  • Size of processed wafer: 4inch
  • Length of Heating area:200mm
  • Length of constand temperature zone: 120mm
  • Size: L800xH540xW750mm
  • Power: AC380V,15KW
  • Weight:40kg

RTP tube furnace for CVD Spare Parts List

inner tube of RTP tube furnace: Φ80*450mm

  • Heating Element of RTP tube Furnace: 6pcs 2KW Infrared lamps
  • O-ring Of RTP tube furnace: Φ115×5.6mm 1pcsΦ108×5.6mm 2pcsΦ78×5.3mm 2pcsΦ48×5.3mm 1pcs
  • Thermocouple of RTP tube furnace: S type