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Single Tube Muffle Furnace, 2KW, 50kg

  • Brand:JKI
  • Model:MO00580176
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This series of resistance furnace is discontinuous running which being used heating for ultimate analysing and measuring, quenching, annealing, tempering of general small steel parts in laboratories, r&d institutions and academies, as well as used for firing, dissolving and analysing of metal, ceramic



1.     Unique designed door prevents high temperature gas leaking, ensures safety and simple.

2.     Microcomputer pid controller controls temperature accurately, reliably, safely, easy to operate

3.     Anticorrosive light chamber has long use life (fireproofing tile chamber and ceramic fibre chamber are optional)

4.     Wonderful door sealing reduce the heat loss, improves temperature uniformity in chamber

5.     Programmable controller, 30 programs, provides procedural circulation of temperature, time and heating power(prom. Resistance furnace has this function)

6.     Programmable controller can simplify complicated experiment process, really reach automatically control and work

7.     Inner chamber and case of it is made of stainless steel, anticorrosive, solid (prom. Resistance furnace has this function)

8.     Safety functions

9.     Open the door the safety switch automatically cut off the power to ensure the user’s safety

10.   Various safety precautions such as overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating to ensure the furnace’s safety

11.   The thermal insulation material is ceramic -fibres board, good heat protection, low temperature on the surface of the furnace.








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Silicon molybdenum stick